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It's because I've been putting aside my drawing and writing in order to focus on music lately, hehe. I've been composing, recording, and posting music on youtube for the past few weeks, but I WILL return to writing and drawing more for my Pokemon fiction at some point, as I still have additional plots and characters that I haven't addressed but already formulated MONTHS ago. It's just a matter of me getting around to them, and who knows how long that'll take... maybe I'll get back to it next week, maybe next month... we'll just see. Anyway, most of the music I've recorded has been original stuff, but I DID record a cover of "Promise," from the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack, so there's that. The most recent ORIGINAL song I did is right here, if anyone's interested.

In other news, I beat Secret of Mana! It took me a long, long, looooong time, haha. Partly because it's a pretty lengthy game, but probably more because I tend to go through RPGs VERY slowly and deliberately, trying to make sure I don't miss anything and leveling up my characters way more than I need to (although sometimes I kind of DO need to be really highly-leveled because I often suck at boss fights, heh). It's just my personality. I usually like to take my time and do things carefully. Anyway, SO many things I grew to love about the game, like flying around on Flammie and discovering all the cool new kinds of magic. What a stupendous game, hehe.


I felt sorry for Popoi at the end, though... poor little guy.


Logically, I'm now playing Legend of Mana, also for the first time! I felt I had to beat Secret of Mana first, so that I already had an introduction to the background and lore of these games. I haven't really done much yet, but I'm already in love with the game's lush environments and music. I think I'm gonna like this one a lot too. :)



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Hi! I'm a 90s child, passionate musician and music-fan, writer, and an amateur visual artist (all I can really do is little pencil drawings, but I really enjoy it, hehe). I also enjoy baking (usually sweets, but I also make a mean pizza ;)), and love playing videogames (mostly old ones like ancient DOS computer games and the first Pokemon games) and watching anime (ALSO mostly old ones, like Slayers, from the 90s).

In addition to this site, I can also be found on, where you can find stories I've written. ^_^

Anyway... I'm a total loner (I have no life), so I would love to hear from anyone who happens to stumble across my little page here. Please don't hesitate to drop me a comment about anything! :)

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venuslove Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013

Saw you were a fan of Eternal Darkness, did you know it is getting a sequel, via kickstarter but we need pledges. David Haytar (snake from metal gear solid - will be voicing the main character) - come and see:…


come see! :)

EClyptic64 Featured By Owner May 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Holy wow... Your interests... I feel as if I'm reading about myself! Slayers! Best anime EVER! Brutal Legend! Pokemon Red!...The Odyssey... You sir are officially AWESOME.
synathidy Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
Haha... cool. It's really nice to meet someone who shares some of my eccentricities... It's VERY difficult to meet anyone I can identify with in the little town I live in. :invisible: